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A total of 68 word cards in Spanish, a mix of one, two, three, and four syllables that are all in consonant- vowel sequences. 4) Words with hiatus This list has been helpful for my paras who come in and teach small group reading as well as subs who don’ t have a strong foundation of segmenting words in Spanish. The goal is to end a syllable with a vowel whenever possible. Use for speech therapy in Spanish, early. How many syllables in Christmas? 4 syllable christmas words in spanish.
The first list contains 25 words on two pages separated into chunks according to the method' s Main Rule and Three Exceptions. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Once the students have mastered segmenting words into syllables, I start segmenting syllables into sounds, and finally words into sounds. The second contains 90 words on two pages presented as normally appearing words.
Add length, consonants, vowels, syllables, origin, spelling and more. View word search. A consonant between two vowels belongs to the syllable with the second vowel. Four syllable words. Whenever possible, you should break up words so that each syllable contains a consonant followed by a vowel. Start studying Spanish 4- Syllable Words.

Find out what rhymes with Christmas. Learn to divide Christmas into syllables. How to pronounce Christmas. List of 20, 363 words that have 4 syllables. Of the 30 words, • 22 are three- syllable words • 8 are 4- syllable words • all are presented on larger word cards • with more room for marki Subjects: Reading, Reading Strategies, Phonics. Check our Syllable Dictionary. The two lists of four- syllable words at the top are used in the OnTrack Reading Phonics Program.

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